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The power of storytelling

Randee Garber ’08 knows how powerful it can be just to have your story told. As a research assistant for theatre and dance associate professor Barb Fraser, Garber interviewed dozens of victims of sexual assault for the play “Can’t Thread a Moving Needle.”

“I learned so much from all who have shared their very personal, touching stories with me,” says Garber. “Dr. Fraser’s play will be just the key to helping victims everywhere know that they are not alone.”

Professor Fraser specializes in what she calls “people’s theater”: creative, fictional works based on interviews with real people that focus on controversial social topics. Students assist her in doing research, conducting research, and help brainstorm script structure and pacing.

Garber is an actor and writer who moved to Hollywood after graduation to pursue her career. “Both the communication and theatre departments have given me enormous guidance about my career,” she says. “Hopefully, all my studies and hard work will pay off.”

Randee Garber '08, B.A. communication




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