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Santa Clara University has three Centers of Distinction that serve as major points of interaction between the University and society. Each center focuses on a theme that is central to Santa Clara’s distinctive mission as a Jesuit university offering an educational environment that integrates rigorous inquiry and scholarship, creative imagination, reflective engagement with society, and a commitment to fashioning a more humane and just world. Each center engages faculty and students from different disciplines, as well as experts and leaders from the community through speakers, conferences, workshops, and experiential learning opportunities.

Center for Science, Technology, and Society
The mission of the Center for Science, Technology, and Society is to accelerate global, innovation-based entrepreneurship in service to humanity. Through an array of programs including its signature Global Social Benefit Incubator (GSBI), the Center engages an international network of business, investment capital, and technical resources to build the capacity of social enterprises around the world. As a Center of Distinction at Santa Clara University, the Center leverages its programs to inspire faculty and students with real-world case studies, distinctive curricula, and unique research opportunities, advancing the University’s vision of creating a more just, humane, and sustainable world. More information can be found at

Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education
The Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education promotes and enhances the distinctively Jesuit, Catholic tradition of education at Santa Clara University, with a view toward serving students, faculty, staff, and through them the larger community, both local and global.

  • Bannan Institutes provides yearlong thematic programs including academic events and scholarly activities that further the Jesuit, Catholic character of the University
  • Community-based learning places over 1,200 students each year with community partners, frequently in connection with an academic course
  • Immersion programs offers students, during academic breaks, the opportunity to experience local, domestic, and international communities with little access to wealth, power, and privilege
  • Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius provides opportunities for members of the community to encounter the spiritual sources of the Jesuit tradition

Through these four programs, the Ignatian Center aspires to be recognized throughout Silicon Valley and beyond as providing leadership for the integration of faith, justice, and the intellectual life.

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics is one of the preeminent centers for research and dialogue on ethical issues in critical areas of American life. The center works with faculty, staff, students, community leaders, and the public to address ethical issues more effectively in teaching, research, and action. The center’s focus areas are business, health care and biotechnology, character education, government, global leadership, technology, and emerging issues in ethics. Articles, cases, briefings, and dialogue in all fields of applied ethics are available through the center.

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