Markkula Center of Applied Ethics

A forum for research and discussion in all areas of applied ethics

Resources for analyzing real-world ethical issues and tools to address them.

New Materials

Focus Areas

The Center's work spans medical ethics, such as end-of-life decision making, hospital organizational ethics, health care policy concerns, ethics and biotechnology, and research ethics.
Business Ethics
Through its Business and Organizational Ethics Partnership and other programs, the Center addresses corporate governance, international business ethics focusing on China and India, and creating an ethical organizational culture.
Campus Ethics
Grants, fellowships, and a rich program of panels, lectures, and presentations highlight the Center's work with SCU students, faculty, and staff.
Character Education
The Center offers character education for communities that learn, live, pray, or work together, including curriculum materials, support for raising an ethical child, and faith formation programs.
Government Ethics
The Center's national program for local government officials provides ethics training, opportunities for sharing concerns and best practices, and media commentary on ethical pitfalls.
Internet Ethics
Privacy, access, and other issues in Internet ethics are explored in teaching materials, video interviews, and regular public forums.
Other Resources
This site contains articles, cases, podcasts, and other materials in many fields of applied ethics, with collections on media, technology, the environment, international affairs, and peacemaking.

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