Santa Clara University

Bursars Office

Online Bill Payment 

Welcome to the SCU electronic billing and payment system.

To view billing statements and/or make a payment online please select one of the following log-in links:

Student's Help and Tips

  • Making payments
  • Creating authorized payer
  • Viewing bills and payments


Authorized Payer Help and Tips

  • Logging in to QuikPay
  • Making a payment
  • Viewing bills and payments


An authorized payer is a parent, spouse, relative, employer, etc. that has been given access by the student to view billing statements and make an online payment on behalf of the student. Students may create the authorized payer profile by logging into eCampus and selecting the navigation as described in the "Students Help and Tips".

PLEASE NOTE: Authorized payers will only be able to view payments they make on a students behalf, not any other payments that may be posted to the account.


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